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mjmunyon 08-08-2011 04:20 PM

Driver door won't open
Have not seen this problem listed. The driver's door on our 2007 Entourage will not open using the outside handle. It will open using the inside handle. Took it to Hyundai dealership and they said it would be $500 to replace a cable, paint and install new handle. Seems really expensive for what appears to be a minor issue.

Any suggestions? I can do many minor repairs myself but have never taken apart a door before or messed with a door handle/latch/cable.

Is this a do it yourself project? Any other place that might do this cheaper?

They also mentioned a recall for a "rear door" but did not specify which one, only that it was a 3 hour job, have not scheduled that yet. Is there a known issue with the front doors? Would like to get that fixed under a recall as well, van just turned over 65,000 miles, just out of warranty, figures.

NovaResource 08-09-2011 09:35 AM

I have a Kia Sedona (a twin of the Entourage) and yes, there is a recall on the latches for the sliding rear doors.

As far as the front doors go, I have not heard of any recall. I can't comment on the price because I don't know what is broken. If the handle itself is broken, the part and labor to paint and install it may not be cheap because basically the entire door has to be dismantled. $500 does seem a little high so I'd suggest trying a different dealership.

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