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bglick12 03-13-2010 10:57 AM

2001 Hyundai Santa fe fuel filter/fuel pump replacement
I ran my 01 2.4 L Santa fe out of gas and now it will not start. I don't hear the fuel pump running, so Im assuming it needs to be replaced. Where is it located, and what is the best way to replace it?

Thank you.

sbr711 03-13-2010 12:31 PM

I dont think in 7yr I have seen a fuel pump ned replace in Santa Fe... though anything can happen

You can get to it by removing the left rear seat, unbolt it from floor and roll it into the rear cargo area.

From there you will semi-cutout portion of carpet, take razor blade and finish cut and through the foam pad, lay the flap and duct tape out of your way.

Remove black access cover, 4 screws I think.. lift and unplug connector off top of pump-filter-level sender module.. there is a bunch of screws around perimiter then, release the fuel lines, and lift module out of tank,,, though there will be a little turn here/lift here/twist to get it out..

But first we need to verify pump is getting power, so break out your trusty DVOM and verify power at connector, and power inside (we have seen terminal break at the plastic junction,,, power will be at connector, but not on otherside inside the tank where the fuel pump connector plugs in)....

Try hitting the reset button in the engine compartment, it is mounted to the left front strut tower, by the air filter box, has black rubber pad and round spot on pad about the size of a common thumb to push it.

2.4L,,, how is the timing belt/balance shaft belt ??? Seen a lot break the balance belt and the remnants "chunk" the crank angle sensor and it will not turn on fuel pump or injectors..

beanograig 07-16-2010 06:19 AM

Before, you check the above, simply listen for the fuel pump relay to kick in when the ign sw is turned on, if no sound heard, check fuel pumpfuse. This is a 2 second job that might sve you the hardship of pulling out the fuel pump.

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