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engine hesitation at take off

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Default RE: engine hesitation at take off

Hi All, I have a 2001 Santa Fe with the exact same issues.
Cold start stutter/hesitation that resolves itself after a few minutes or forcing it to take off. Rarely there is a stutter while driving. It just roled 52K and the dealer cannot understand the issue. Later, after the check engine light came on I took it to a mom/pop shop to find codes. Several codes came back..downstream O2 sensor,
injectors 1, 2, 3, had a code plus indicated lean. I assume this means burning lean/rich. I re-set my check engine light so I could test again after if came back on has there was a smushed hose (which one I do not know). Engine light did come back.. had a short version of a D.test done that did not indicate any issue with o2 senors.
Now my values have started clattering while shifting or going uphill. I fear this is a sperate problem, but I hope it's being caused by whatever is actually worng with the car. This has been happening for months and I am taking small steps to address all possible issues.. Spark plugs were changed today..

Could this just be a injector issue?

What's all the comments about ECM? Was there a re-call? What are program updates for ECM? This concept is new to me.

Are the o2 sensors seperate from the throttle and mass flow senors? I believe the 01 4cycle, manual has 4 total sensors.

This was defectivemanufactor year andwe were part of the class action..many many small things have broke.. larger things like timing jumped..timing belt snapped @ 26K..pullies popped...spark plug wires burnt up at and most amazing issue was the clutch burning up two weeks after buying this junk.. I'veonly driven manualsmy learning must have burnt itup..whatever nonsense...!!!! even a begininger chouldn't burn a clutch system in under 200 miles on a new car!!!

I can't burn the car as it's a second car for work... so please give me some idea's
since the dealer is clueless...

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Default engine hesitation at take off

I have the same problems that have been posted with the Sante Fe. I have a 2007, but it still seem to be the same problem that has been seen in the earlier year models. Usually, when then engine is cold, after I start the vehicle and put it in reverse, it shutters and shakes like it is about to kill over. this is my wifes vehicle, and we have taken it in to the dealership over 20 times. They act like there is nothing wrong with it, even though they have got in the driver seat and felt it shake before.They act like they have never seen this problem before, but judging by this website, it is a very common problem. I just wish that Sante Fe Owners could get a fix for this problem before a vehicle stalls out in the middle of an intersection, and someone gets killed (actually, almost happened to me). At least the speed limit was only 30 MPH in my neighborhood instead of 50 or even 70MPH. I would probably be dead!!!
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I have a 2000 Tiburon that has this problem. My dealer replaced the TPS sensors (you have to replace both of them)and this solved the problem. I get about seven years of trouble free driving before they fail again...done this twice in the last 15 years. Also let the engine warm up too. I have a 2006 Mazda Miata that does this also.
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TB may need some cleaning. Had the same problem before, after cleaning the TB all went back to normal.
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I recently purchased a used 2004 Santa Fa and am experiencing this exact same issue. The "three-bump" stutter only occurs on start-up once the car is placed in Drive and never happens again as long as the vehicle remains on. Was the computer flash effective? Also, what is the bulletin # so I can reference it with my local Hyundai dealership? Thanks to all in advance!
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Smile car bucks on exceleration

my Tuson 2.7 would buck like pumping the gas peddle. guess what? intake hose off air breather box was lose. some times it can be so simple.
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check air intake hose off air filter box.
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