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ABS and ESC lights on at the same time, brakes squeak when turning

Hyundai Sonata The Sonata has grown to be the premier mid-sized sedan of the Hyundai name with the many interior options and the powerful V6 engine.

ABS and ESC lights on at the same time, brakes squeak when turning

Old 01-16-2011, 05:28 PM
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Default ABS and ESC lights on at the same time, brakes squeak when turning

Hey folks.

The ABS and ESC lights (amber) in my 06 Sonata are coming on intermittently.....

The lights just come on while driving....the ESC switch doesnt have any effect.....the brakes seem to work well....then, after several start cycles the lights will go out and all will be well again....then after a few start cycles and while driving they come on again.

I used the code tester from autozone but no codes are stored...they told me that brake codes arent always accessible with their hand held unit though....

Also, I have noticed that when turning left or right I get a squeaking from the front brakes now and then,...it was doing this before the ABS/ESC light issue though...

Any one run across this?
Old 01-16-2011, 06:02 PM
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they are correct that you probably can't get the ABS codes through their scanner....you'll have to do some research to see if you can get that yourself. quite often the ABS is a separate computer, sounds like the ESC is part of it as well.

question: do you still have warranty? maybe not, but one thing i cannot understand is when people clearly have warranty and get an issue they come and ask how to fix it...if you have a warranty use it.

it sounds to me like one of the brake calipers has seized and the pads are rubbing around a corner. very simple to repair and very common. happened to me after a winter and i managed to grind my pads right down to the metal backplate on one of my front wheels. if that is what is happening, it could be causing the ABS sensor to send a signal to the ABS computer that doesn't make much sense to it.

if no warranty and you want to do this yourself, first check www.hmaservice.com. get your tech info, torque specs (please use a torque wrench with something like brakes) and then get at it. see if you can figure out which wheel that squeal is coming from. jack up, remove wheel and it should be obvious by looking at the pads. pad wear should be abnormal, even have a weird angle to it. rotor *might* be damaged, inspect visually for pits and burns. if there are any, must either be machined or replaced.

so next step is to remove the brake caliper, tap with a hammer if it wont come off. pull that brake cylinder out. wash out with brake cleaner, might be all it needs. if there are any rough spots or spots that have gunk on them, remove by hand *gently* with 400grit sandpaper or higher.

during reassembly, i HIGHLY recommend three things:

1. pick up some brake grease, little tube of green stuff for disc brakes. you can use it on the entire piston and it will not interfere with the brake system. this will help prevent that from happening again.

2. inspect the outer boot for any tears. good way for dirt to get in and cause your problem.

3. use anti-seize on all bolts. due to the location, they take a lot of crap off the road. that prevents future problems where the bolts won't come out when you need them out.

finally, do note that if that is the issue BOTH sides must have pads replaced. they must be matching pairs, should undergo the same inspection. also might as well completely flush the brake fluid while you're there, you have to bleed a bunch off anyhow. i have seen older vehicles where dirty fluid that has been there for 10 years or more has caused seizing. it does not need to be done often (maybe every 2 years tops) but at the same time should not be neglected.
Old 01-16-2011, 06:07 PM
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1 - ABS/ESC module needs scan with Hyundai scanner,,, proprietary info,, cannot access ABS/ESC with reader for engine codes

2 - brake noise.... how about a wheel off visual brake inspection for actual pad material remaining, and if possible that wear sensors is touching friction surface of rotor (squeel) telling you it is time to have a good look at the brakes for material remaining.

Pretty simple,, yes ??
Old 01-17-2011, 08:02 AM
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Have you had the brake light switch replaced under the recall? That can cause lots of different issues.
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