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Engine Stalled one too many times

Hyundai Tucson The second offering in the compact SUV market from Hyundai.

Engine Stalled one too many times

Old 03-23-2008, 09:34 PM
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Default Engine Stalled one too many times

Has anyone else had this problem? I have a 2005 and after about a year my engine started stalling. I took it to the dealer and they told me it was an O2 sensor problem. They fixed it, supposedly. About 2 months later it started stalling again. This time I was on my way home from work and it stalled and this time I was screwed because I rearended the car in front of me since I had no power stearing or brakes. Not to mention my air bags didn't deploy either. Which I found now has a recall on it. The recall stating a small statured female driving might, not wearing a seat belt (i was but i dont know how the airbag sensor would know if you were or weren't) the airbags dont deploy. Yes the crash was hard enough for the airbag to have gone off, i couldn't even open my car door. Needless to say the insurance company is trying to decide if my car is totalled or not. I am charged with 100% of the accident for something that I couldn't control. If you are considering this car I would strongly consider something else. I have read that I am not the only person who has had this engine stalling problem. I am just thankful it happened when it did and not when I got the car and was taking 4 adults with developmental disabilities into the community. If anyone has ideas on what I can do to let Hyundai know it would be great!
Old 03-23-2008, 09:50 PM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

I'd report this incident to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The lack of airbag deployment will catch their attention for sure. Goto:


for NHTSA contact information.
Old 06-04-2008, 01:39 AM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

We have been suffering with this problem in my wife's 2005 Tucson. This started at around 25K miles and continues to be an intermittent problem with 85K on the odometer. Dealer has checked, checked, and rechecked but cannot solve the problem. So far we have been lucky in that when it has stalled we were not put in a particularly dangerous position...until last weekend. The worst it has been, the POC stalled 6-8 times in 20 miles of driving over 1-2 hours. One stall occurred on a modearte downhill grade at a four-lane by four-lane intersection. In the left lane in the middle of the intersection, the engine stalled. The POC coasted through the intersection and down the hill. No power steering, no power brakes and heavy traffic. Was finally able to clear traffic to the right, both feet on the brake pedal and big muscle on the steering wheel into a parking lot. At that moment I vowed the POC was going back to the dealer and will remain there until it is fixed. I am dropping it off on Friday.

Sorting through the NHTSA database I found several reports of this same problem. Seems it is limited to 2005 models. The reports are pretty much within a short time frame (will compare VIN's to see if it is relevant). I know, this is detective work that Hyundai should be doing, but they obviously have not.

Can anyone else add to this? The particular problem we are experiencing is engine stall as you are slowing/stopping. Anyone else expereincing this problem (include VIN if possible).
Old 07-23-2008, 12:39 AM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

Dealer kept the Tucson for a week and could not verify the problem (no codes, didn't stall for them). Told us to come and get it as "Hyuandai" would not pay for the rental car and the dealer could not keep the vehicle if they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Wife was out of town with the rental car and when she returned (3 days later) and picked up the Tucson we were charged for the three "extra" days for the rental car.

Contacted Hyundai USA Customer Service, got a case nmber, and they actually acted concerned. They (C.S.) contacted the dealer to get their side of the story and we were contacted by the regional rep' (who wasn't quite so nice) and told that our service advisor would be the best person to work with (is this some kind of circular buck passing?).

Here we are a month since the last visit and the POS is at the dealer's again for failed A/C ($675 not covered by extended warranty), repair of inoperative mirror adjustment (plug was knocked off switch last time it was in during unrelated repair), and persistent stalling problem (quit twice since last visit). When wife dropped it off the Hyundai warranty rep was there and offered little help since "no one else has had this problem". Wife suggested he look around the internet forums and NHTSA website as there are multiple reports of the same problem that HAVE been looked at by other dealers.

Any suggestions?
Old 09-22-2008, 10:34 PM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

My 2006 Tucson has the same engine stalling issue recently and no error code is shown. I bumped another thread with the same issue. Any one got it fixed or is there a bulletin out for the issue as there are many reporting the same issue that poses serious safety concerns?
Old 09-22-2008, 11:13 PM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

Since last update the POS has stalled once and AC remains not working. Filed a complaint with BBB on both issues and was contacted by Hyunda on the stalling issuei. Left POS with dealer for 2-1/2 weeks to troubleshoot stalling problem but problem did not occur therefore (according to dealer) problem does not exist. Stalemate on the AC/extended warranty issue. Will continue to work through BBB to get some action.

Old 09-23-2008, 10:41 PM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

Just called the the Canadian Headquarter today. Theysaid they havetalked with my dealer and will work on my car until they have the issuefixed even though theydo not admit it as a common/known issue. Well, at least, there is something going for today for me and i'll see how it turns out.

Will keep you posted and let me know if you have any luck on your side.
Old 09-26-2008, 03:06 PM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

I'm reading your posts with interest, because I have just begun to have the same problem. I have a 2006 Hyundai Tucson/LX 2.7 V6 4SP 4 WD with just over 25,000 miles.

A couple of weeks ago, it started to suddenly lose power on deceleration - pulling up to stop signs, stoplights, railroad tracks, parking places, into my garage. I would suddenly lose power steering, power brakes and I would look at my instrument panel to realize that I no longer had power. (It wasn't like I choked it down, it just suddenly turned off). In each of these instances, if I put it back into Park or Neutral, I was able to restart the engine and drive for a while. It was not happening to me driving on open road, only on deceleration and coasting into a stop. After reading through some of your posts (and others like them upon Googling "Hyundai Tucson stalling," I took my Tucson into the dealer yesterday, Thursday, 9/25/08,explained my problem and told them what I had read online. I, too, was met with "Never heard that before." <sigh> Iasked them to please check it out.

They found a couple of codes. My work order says "Scan Tool PO0123C TPS - Replaced TPS Sensor." Description of part: Sensor Assy-Throt #35170-37100.

Additionally, the "ESC Off" light had been intermittently coming on. My work order says "Scan Tool C1513 Brake Lamp Switch." Description of part: Switch Assy-Stop #93810-3K000.

So, I leave the dealership, hopefully that my problem has been fixed. At the first stoplight that I come to, the "ESC Off" light comes back on. <sigh> I consider turning around, but decide to drive on home to make sure all else is still working. Just off the freeway (thank goodness), my car starts to lurch and I seem to be losing power steering and brakes - very stiff. I get stopped by construction and idle for a bit. When I start to accelerate, my vehicle does not seem to want to go (I now have a string of vehicles behind me on a two-lane road, and I'm praying that I don't stop and block the one-lane that is accessible around the construction!) My car will not shift gears. (I wonder if it has gone into transmission "safe mode." I am forced to pull off the road into the first driveway I come to (there is an electric smell). I turned off my car and sat to ponder my predictament. When I turned it back on, the "ESC light" had reset, the car seemed to be driveable again, so I limped onhome.

I called the dealer for instructions - knowing I would not dare attempting to drive it back to the dealership. The dealer instructed me to have Hyundai Roadside Assistance to come pick it up, for me to ride along with the tow truck, and to come back for a loaner. I waited over 2 hours for Roadside Assistance! Took a very unpleasant ride with the tow truck driver (he was sick and gave me all the graphic details of just HOW SICK he was! Additionally, his truck had some mechanical difficulties and I wondered if we would even make it back to the dealership). We arrived back to the dealership just as the service department was closing. They left a key for me in the showroom (which turned out to be the WRONG key for the loaner...yes, I was definitely losing patience at this point.) And, just for fun, the loaner was sitting dead on EMPTY (and if you were from Charlotte, NC, you would understand the distress that caused me - since nearly every gas station is OUT of gasdue to the hurricane in the Gulf recently. Made it home with the gas light on.)

I waited until about Noon today (Friday)to check on my car. According to the Service Manager, they are replacing a "pressure switch." They planned to test drive it carefully and give me a call back. No call as of yet (3 PM).

Needless to say, I am now very concerned. Will keep you updated on status.
Old 09-29-2008, 02:38 PM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

I picked the car up on Saturday morning (after insisting that the Service Manager drive it home the night before to be sure all was well). The work order says they changed a "faulty pressure switch." For now, all seems well. Let's hope so.
Old 12-05-2008, 08:49 PM
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Default RE: Engine Stalled one too many times

Still fighting the problem (and Hyundai). PLEASE, if you are having this problem report it to Hyundai Customer Service, get a case number, and post it here. Then, report it to the NTSB...This is a MAJOR safety issue. If there are enough reports we may get someone's attention. If nothing else, having other case numbers will take away Hyundai's "I've never heard of that problem" excuse.


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