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piuric 05-09-2016 09:07 PM

replace Hyundai Veracruz Alternator
Hi I just upload a quick video on how to replace a 2010/11 Hyundai Veracruz Alternator as here in Brazil Hyundai did not make the recall.
My car was still under warranty but no deal with hyundai.
So I bought a new one and replace it.
Here is the link:
After replacing I have opened and cleaned the old alternator and the problem was the brush holder so I ordered a new one (US$ 10.00) and will replace it so I will have a spare alternator just in case.

jim4802 11-29-2017 02:31 PM

good video. some say remove AC compressor and take out from below but i pulled out from the top. I just finished replacing my alternator and serp belt. I was having a few dash lights come on and headlights would flicker. The alternator output tested at 10.4 volts and of course it was caked with oil. mine is a 2008 veracruz limited 3.8L.
couple of notes I'd like to add. It took me about 4 hours. I pulled the pass side fan up from the top. The electrical clips are a pain in the butt. just getting them apart!! jabbed with a small screwdriver, pulled and pryed. I placed a 15" x 15" piece of cardboard against the radiator to protect it, then a thin piece of sheet metal in case the alt slipped. I took out both alt bolts but the bottom one is a cradle type bolt that just needs to be loosened. either way works fine. i sprayed the electrical connectors with a cleaner before putting back together, they were very wet and caked with oil.

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