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Today 02:00 PM

Ok short answer - [email protected] - longer answer, per the service manager at my dealership, unlike most USA made vehicles, Hyundai builds each vehicle package with ONLY the wiring harnesses necessary for that...
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Today 04:15 AM

The gremlins are just waiting for you to get 100 miles away from home, ya know.
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Today 03:59 AM

Its almost like Hyundai built a back-up, if any connections failed. Personally, I prefer manual windows. However, both our two Elantras, with 135,000 total miles, have never had any problems with the...
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Today 03:44 AM

An old thread, but worth comparing prices with my 2016 manual Elantra, that I got back then for $12,800. Presently at 67,000 miles, there have been no repairs necessary. The manual, geared about 6%...
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Today 03:13 AM

Further updates: pure-gas.org now lists ~14,300+ ethanol-free(E0) sources in Canada & the U.S. Presently, Wisconsin has 960 E0 sources, with North Carolina & Florida in the low 900's. New York has...
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Today 02:28 AM

Sorry about this old thread: But, other people have had the same problem, when going to over-sized tires, specially wider tires if they still use the same narrow wheel. People use extra pressure in...
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Today 01:35 AM

I also have a 2013 auto Elantra....& a 2016 manual Elantra, totaling 135,000+ miles & never have had a repair. Also, have a 2008 Accent with 148,000 miles & never any engine work needed. Numerous...
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Yesterday 10:01 PM

Yes, I bought my 2013 Elantra in May 2013 & could not get any reimbursements. But my MPG, for two years after I purchased my Elantra, was 39MPG, overall, with a high of 46MPG(a tank, with paper &...
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Yesterday 09:23 PM

My trusted mechanic has worked on my cars (as old as 30 years of age) for 15 years. Yes, I have taken my cars back to him to correct some minor fault in his repairs, but extra repairs have never been...
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Yesterday 08:51 PM

We have 2008 (owned since late 2007) Accent with 148,000 miles(239,000 kilometers). Gently driven, we have never replaced ball joints, bearings, sway bar, any engine work, muffler, catalytic...
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