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Replacement remote keyless entry fob

Old 01-28-2013, 07:36 PM
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Default Replacement remote keyless entry fob

Sooo confused ...
I just purchased a 2009 Genesis sedan and it has only 1 fob and emergency key.
I want to purchase another and not pay the dealer $300 plus $70 programming (plus key blank & cutting a new key $100).
Looking online (primarily ebay) I see lots of possibilities but have also heard lots of remotes not working.
How can I feel comfortable that I am getting the right fob? Base it completely on the FCC ID? or is there a part number that I must match up?

Most of the locksmiths around me no longer deal with the automotive remotes/keys.

The emergency key seems to be less of an issue as you got to buy a blank and find someone to cut it.

Anyone have other sources?
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Default Hyundai Scan Tool options

I am looking at buying HiCom from OBDTester: OBDTester: OBD-2 Diagnostic software and interfaces
Or other scan tool options that don't hit several $1000?

My immediate need is to program a remote for a Genesis.
Thanks in advance.
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So you want to buy a scantool for a $379+ instead of playing a dealer $470 for a new fob? Sounds dumb to me.
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Yeah it may not be the best idea but with 5 Hyundais in the family, I figured I would get a lot more use out of it. The standard OBD tool which I own can't do several functions like turn off the air bag light. I had to pay to get that turned off when a low battery voltage played havoc. There are many times that I read in my shop manual to refer to the scan tool.
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Summary of my remote key fob adventure.
Hopefully this will be helpful to someone, as it took me several weeks to wade thru all the information.

My need:
2009 Hyundai Genesis sedan came with just one remote/key fob that I purchased from a private owner.
Average Hyundai dealer pricing around my area:
  • Remote 95440-3M100 $300
  • Programming $80
  • Emergency key blank 81999-3M020 and cutting: $100.

Spoiler: I found a remote with key blank for $100, programming for $60, Key cutting for $25.

Remote fob:
Crazy info and pricing abound.
Some say the FCC ID has to match (SY5BH4FNA04), others say the part number, no consistent rules to follow.
Ebay had quite a few options and many of the sellers were quite responsive to my questions. Most had good return polices but if the device didn't program, I was out that programming fee and still had to return the fob. Watch out for 'restocking fees'.
From many vendors, the existing remote I had was running about $200+. I have no idea why mine was so expensive.

Ebay Sellers (and they had their own websites) carkeysfast (www.CarKeysFast.Com) and mykeyless-1 ( stood behind a 'compatible' fob. The fully refurbished Hyundai Part #95440-3M220 (hard plastic and has an LED) FCC ID# SY5HMFNA04.
I took a chance and ordered (recommend calling and not just buy off their site as the pricing was better via phone) from For under $100, came with a blade key blank, 1 year warranty, and the new remote came within 2 days.

Just as an aside, I was ready to order from Original Keyless as they had my exact part number and FCC ID for $75. However their return policy is horrendous (3 days to notify and return back to them in 14 days from when they shipped it to you) and 25% restocking fee. They did respond to emails quickly but seemed to be hard headed. If you used a dealer to program and it failed to program, they would not honor the return. I searched for reviews on and lots of Better Business issues. BBB Concerned about Online Keyless Remote Company - BBB News Center.

I only found 2 auto locksmiths (Maryon's Locksmiths Co., Inc. and within 100 miles that would even quote me a price for a remote and programming and their costs were getting close to the dealer fees.

I have a 6 Hyundais in the family and came across this product HiCOM: Hyundai/Kia professional diagnostic scantool that says it can do smart key programming just the like Hyunda GDS (Global Diagnostic System). You just need to get the immobilizer code. Getting the immobilizer code was easy. Go to the dealer, show them registration and ID and get the 6 digit pin. The obdtester runs ~$400 and was very interesting package. I could read alot more data than just my handheld OBD. Alas, it could not communicate with my SMART ECU for key programming and despite online sessions with the vendor SECONS, we had no luck for a week. I already had the remote fob and was running out of time to return it.
I opted to go to a dealer Ourisman Hyundai of Bowie | Hyundai Dealer | Baltimore | DC that had the best price for programming $60 and if the remote failed to programmed, they would not charge me a second time for programming when I had a replacement fob sent from the vendor.

Key cutting
Most of the Hyundai dealers seem to send out the keys to get them cut in NJ as they don't have a machine to cut the 'laser' key. Only one Hyundai dealer had a machine to cut the key Fitzgerald Auto Malls New and Used Car Dealership Maryland - Pennsylvania - Florida - Washington DC - Virginia for $65. In my area, nearly all of the locksmiths did not have a 'sidewinder' key cutting machine to cut high security keys. After many phone calls, I stumbled upon Baldino's Lock and Key Baldino's Lock and Key that would cut it for $25.
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