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My 04 SF seems to have lost power... weird..

Old 05-12-2010, 11:20 AM
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Default My 04 SF seems to have lost power... weird..

I have own my 04 SF for 3 trouble free years. Yesterday, I noticed that the car had a hard time accelerating, as if the emergency brake was slightly applied. Later it had trouble climbing a slight ramp that everyday climbs with no sweat.

This morning as I was heding back to work, I noticed that the transmission would jump while engaging reverse or drive, (if felt as if i was trying to to shift into drive with the engine @ 2000 rpm.

Then I noticed as a drove from my drive way that the car lacked power and took more time and gas to gain speed. Once the car is moving it shifts normaly.

I did notice that I had the CEL on and the transmission gear indicator lights (PRND) on the dash were not working.

I first thought that probably my trans fluid was low, but I am not sure why the CEL is on or the trans lights are off? Could it be something electrical?
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When was the last time the trans fluid was changed? Have you check the trans fluid level? If the CEL is on then there is a problem. Get the computer read with a code scanner to find out what the problem is.

Also, you might want to consider changing your signature. You might have been "Currently Considering: 2004 Santa fe 4cyl." back in 2006 but now you are "Currently Driving a 2004 Santa Fe 4cyl for the past 3 years."
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Yes, i just updated my signature.

Well just in case someone else has this problem, my santa fe had a faulty sensor in the transmission. The car was driving in "limp mode". The computer detected a problem with a sensor and limited the car to drive only in third gear.

I took it to the shop and had it back in a day and has been fine since.

We will be parting from our santa fe soon, oh, the memories... this car was our first SUV and was a joy to own!
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Post 2001 santa fe high rpm no power on excelleration

have any one come across this proplem ..driving normal when my check engine lite came on and car slowed down as if l changed gear or shifted from overdrive to 3rd after stopping then trying to move like l have to give more gas like it it had emergency brakes on ...why can any one help ...code aer po715...p1167....p1529 ......all seems ok except like transmission is not shifting right ...what l need to change ....and fix this problem ....only one ride so gotta fix ...or dont wanna loose my job

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Thought I'd revive an old thread rather than make a new one.

I am this guy.....10 years later. Well, not actually him, but I also bought a 2009 Sonata 5 speed brand new in late 08.

It now has about 180K on it. The clutch, to now, has performed flawlessly.

About a month ago I brought it to my mechanic for a different issue, bad starter. On the drive there, I noticed a bit of clutch slip and mentioned it to him. He took care of the other problem and both he and one of his mechanics drove it around, doing 4-5th gear pulls up hill and they say they couldn't detect any slippage.

I figured maybe I was imagining it.

I should have known better.

It is now my daughter's DD, so I rarely drive it. She calls me from a parking lot a week ago. "The car is acting weird. it revs up, but doesn't speed up".

Ahhh crap.

I drive there. I pop the hood. When I leaned on the front of the car, it rolled.

"Put it in gear, ,I said"

"It is", she replied.


Yeah, I guess you could say it is smoked now. I should have emphasized to her that the clutch might be slipping.

Anyhooo. It is back in the garage. My mechanic says the DM flywheel has deep grooves it it. Obviously from the clutch rivets serving as a clutch surface the last few minutes of being driven.

DM flywheels ain't cheap, as I am sure a few here know. I have a few questions.

What would happen if I just reuse it? Assuming it is not glazed, which it may be, would it work fine? Obviously the new clutch would not have as long a life as the OEM had as it has less surface area. But it ain't like I am towing trailers with this thing. It's just my daughter driving it to work and school. She is a surprisingly good MT driver. Better than her little bro who has destroyed 2 clutches in his focus. I think he's finally getting the hang of it though. If the replacement clutch lasts half as long as the original, that is 90K miles. I would settle for that.

Is there a single mass replacement? Does it save much money?

And my last question. WTF was hyundai thinking? I understand the advantages of DM. I would want one in a sports car. An 09 Sonata is a good car. It is not a sports car. Not in anyone's wildest dreams.
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