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Old 02-16-2010, 07:39 PM
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Default 2003 Sonata Timing Belt Replacement

My father owns a 2003 Sonata with the 2.7L V6 and 32,000 miles. I'm planning on replacing the timing belt in the next few weeks. (The car was in for the factory recall on the frame, the dealership went over the car with a fine-tooth comb, and they are recommending that the belt be changed due to age.) I'm not a complete stranger to timing belts, as I've done two on my '98 Accent and one on an '05 Elantra. (This will be my first V6 timing belt, though.) I'm also planning to replace the water pump on the Sonata while I have it opened up. My father purchased the Hyundai Shop Manuals along with the car and I purchased the Haynes' "Hyundai Sonata 1999 thru 2008" repair manual, so I'll be referencing those. I also looked at what information is available on the HMA website. What I'm wondering is if anyone is aware of any caveats or "gotchas" in doing the timing belt and water pump on this vehicle. For example: When I replaced the water pump on my Accent, I did not realize that there was an O-ring that needed to be replaced on the back side (separate from the gasket) until after I had it apart. I then had to special order it through the dealership and it took a few days for them to get the part. Based upon the information on the HMA website, it looks like this water pump also has an O-ring on the coolant inlet pipe--so I'll be sure to order one ahead of time. Those are the kinds surprises I'm trying to avoid. Any comments from someone who has already done a timing belt on a 2003 Sonata would be most appreciated. If there's already a thread about this, please feel free to point me to it. Thank you!
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Old 03-01-2010, 07:07 PM
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I did the timing belt on the Sonata this weekend in about 8 hours. If anyone is considering doing this job themselves, this was my parts list:
  • Timing Belt (24312-37500)
  • Accessory Belt w/AC (25212-37111)
  • Water Pump (25100-37202)
  • Water Pump Gasket (25124-37100)
The cost for the above parts at my local dealership was $286.28, plus sales tax. (Provide them with your VIN for an exact match on the parts.)

What I learned from performing this maintenance that others may want to know:
  • In order to remove the accessory belt (after taking the tension off), it was necessary to loosen the tensioner pulley so that the belt could slip out behind it. I was also unsuccessful in removing the tensioner pulley from the engine compartment (due to clearance issues) while the upper timing belt cover was still in place.
  • In order for me to remove the crankshaft pulley bolt, it was necessary to remove the flywheel cover plate and have someone hold a pry bar against one of the flywheel bolts to prevent it from moving. When removing the plastic flywheel cover, apparently, you need to do so with much care--I broke it and am awaiting the replacement from the dealership (P/N: 21514-37110)
  • The timing belt runs through the motor mount. The motor mount has to be removed (remember to support the engine) and the dipstick tube is bolted to it. I needed to use a universal to get the dipstick's bolt off.
  • When installing the new belt, look at the markings on the belt closely--rotation direction is marked on the belt. I also counted the number of cogs on the timing belt between the alignment marks on cam sprockets, and then again down to the crank sprocket (on the opposite side of the tensioner). I did this as a spacing measurement. I used these two counts to help assure me that I had the new belt installed correctly by making sure that my cog counts on the new belt matched that of the old.
  • Contrary to the image displayed on the HMA website under "SONATA(EF) >2003 > G 2.7 DOHC > Engine Mechanical System > Cooling System > Engine Coolant Pump > INSTALLATION", there is no coolant inlet pipe or associated o-ring on this engine's water pump. The water pump mounts directly to the engine block.
  • When removing the bolts from the water pump, make sure that you transfer them accurately to the new pump because they are different lengths.

Hope that helps!... Take it for what it's worth from a non-professional. (Translated: Use the information at your own risk.)

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Old 03-02-2010, 11:21 AM
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Great writeup! I'm sure others will find the information useful.
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Old 03-02-2010, 10:18 PM
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Thanks rallyman! Although this wasn't a particularly fun job, it was nice working on it with the person who taught me about working on cars--my father.

I picked up the replacement flywheel cover today. The most fragile part of the cover is the tab that holds it in place. If you are going to break something while doing a job, always break the cheapest thing to replace. The flywheel cover was $3 and some change.

Pictures attached:
  • Engine with work complete
  • Flywheel cover
  • New timing belt installed and exposed
Attached Thumbnails
2003 Sonata Timing Belt Replacement-engine.jpg   2003 Sonata Timing Belt Replacement-flywheelcover.jpg   2003 Sonata Timing Belt Replacement-timingbelt.jpg  
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Old 05-21-2012, 10:40 PM
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Hi I'm new here.... '03 Sonata with 2.7L

I'm in the midst of doing this same job.
I'm a defector from another forum. I posted there... currently 37 views with 0 replies.

Ultimate Timing Belt Diy Guide For 2.7l V6 - Hyundai Forums : Hyundai Forum

I'm working off this step by step guide, located on the Santa Fe forum of another site.
It has been usefull but isn't 100% accurate in the sequence for the process.

I have the upper part of the motor mount removed and am trying to get at the third large bolt that holds the lower portion to the block.
Thinking I needed to actually get the lower T belt cover off before I can get that mount all the way off, I jumped ahead to pulling the Crank pulley.

My whimpy impact didn't take off the crank bolt but putting a breaker bar on there and kicking the starter for a fraction of a second did the deed just fine.
Then I started the alleged 'wiggle wiggle' in a vain effort to get the crank pulley off. I resorted to long screwdrivers and a smallish pry bar. NO GOOD!

30 minutes later I dropped my useless efforts and drove to my nearby Harbor Freight and bought a 6" 3 jaw puller.
That did get the pulley off but I had to use the longest bolt from the upper motor mount because the crank bolt was too short to pull that pulley off.

I'm really frustrated with this job. Everything is tight for access and looking ahead, I don't think the Sonata offers the range of vision that the Santa Fe apparently does.

I searched timing belt 2.7L and the search came up empty. I searched just 'timing belt' and after several pages on the results, I found this thread. The topic was at least close to what I'm dealing with.
No 'sticky' how to guide for doing this job? My Haynes manual gets a big fat "D" for the write up it has on doing the Timing Belt.

Anyway, thanks for at least letting me vent. I hope ya'll are more helpfull than the 'the other guys'.

I'm Dave, I live in Philly with my SO. I am on feoa .com (Ford Escort Owners Assoc), USMB .com (Ultimate Subaru Message board) and JeepForum .com.

I've had my Sonata for 11 months ... it has 150,000 miles and because I have no history on the car, I know waiting on doing the timing belt is just a roll of the dice. I did the same job on a 2.2L Subaru last year. In retrospect, that seems like a cakewalk compared to this job.

OH and.... I have a water pump to install as well. I've not drained the coolant yet. All that system is really rat holed... I can't get my fingers on anything below the top of the engine.
Any advice or remarks?

Thanks again. Hi.
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