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2003 Hyundai XG350 battery light on, not starting

Old 03-09-2017, 11:57 AM
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Angry 2003 Hyundai XG350 battery light on, not starting


I'm really hoping someone could assist with my many questions. About a week ago, I noticed my battery light staying on after starting the car (all the warning normally lights come on briefly, but go off within seconds). The battery light would be the only one to stay on for maybe 10 seconds before going off. I was hoping it was just a sensor problem and didn't worry too much at the time.

2 days ago, the battery light came on as I started the car and did not go off. I got to my destination a few miles away, had my mechanic friend test the voltage (it was at 12.2 volts after I parked the car), stayed at my destination for a couple of hours, tested the battery again before leaving and it was at 11.1.

I then attempted to drive home, and got less than a mile up the road before my radio turned off. I know this is a sign of an alternator failing, so I had the car towed to my home. I had the hazard lights on while waiting about 40 min for the tow truck, and when I arrived home & tried to put my window up, the car would not start at all. It makes no sound at all when I turn the key (does not click). I do see the warning lights come on the dashboard for a second or 2 before they disappear.

Yesterday my mechanic friend checked my battery voltage yet again & it read at 8 volts. Why is my car not starting? I need to get the car to a shop, but I cannot have it towed via AAA, since I already used my one tow per incident. Would charging the battery on a charger allow me to drive it to a shop?

I've been reading up on this problem and have found that it could be the battery (though I find this unlikely, as the battery currently in my car was installed on 12/17/15, so it is less than 2 years old), the alternator, alternator fuse, wiring attached to the battery, or the starter. Is there something I may be missing?

Looking for opinions before I take to shop. I am worried they will say it is the alternator without checking the wiring or fuses first just to make a quick buck. I am a young female and am not sure how to demand they check these things first without appearing to be rude.

Thank you in advance.

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Sounds like the alternator is dead and you've been running strictly on the battery. Now, the battery is dead because the alternator hasn't been charging it. I'd have the alternator removed, tested and replaced if needed. Then have the battery recharged or replaced.
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Have someone jump start the car. If it starts but dies soon after removing the jumper cables, it's the alternator.
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Take a DVOM or multi-meter ...
Jump start the car and measure voltage across the battery terminals.
Anything between 13.5 and 14.5 volts means it is good enough to run
Less voltage means the alternator won't charge the battery.
Replace alternator.

The battery is usually meant to be used at or near full charge.
When the battery goes into deep cycle (power drained down to near zero),
the battery loses capacity to hold a charge and then needs to be replaced
Test battery with load tester. Replace if needed.
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