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power steering SCREAMING! HELP!

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Default Power Steering Screaming

I can confirm now what some of the other posters have said about tightening up the alternator belt. I just went through all of the same hassle trying to figure out the screaming in my pump, and when I tightened up the alternator belt it all went away. Thanks everybody.
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okay im gunna bring up a thread thats 3 years old lol. but i have a 2001 elantra, that i thot i got for a steal at 2400 with 92k on it. bad decision.. in addition to my car riding extremely rough, having a bad wheel bearing in the front right wheel,a bad alternator, a bad upper tie rod in the front left wheel, and having a hard time catching the fly wheel when trying to go into reverse., i drove my car to school today and when i pulled in the parking deck a heard a high pitched screaming sound when driving towards my parking spot. i started turning into the spot and it screeeeeamed and my steering wheel was shaking.

i had my dad look at it after school and the power steering belt is being restriced when i cut my wheel only 45 degrees either way and it screammms. tightened the power steering belt and it didnt help.. and i cant be sure, but i THOUGHT i saw my lights dim when i was turning the wheel

i honestly doubt its weather related, (even though this was the first days its dipped under 30 degrees) because i drove my car all the way to my school without any problems. i will note that when i started my car for the last couple days i heard a very quick sqeaking, but it only lasted literally a second.

but my car is just sitting in a parking garage now and i want an idea of what my problem is if this is not weather related. thanks

ps , i also put $15 in my tank and zero'd out my trip mileage measuring thing. with 4 gallons of gas, i got 55 miles.. what the f***

shoulda bought the 98 toyota camry with 100k for 2700.
Old 11-18-2011, 05:09 PM
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My squeeling stopped when I replaced the belts. They arent to be too loose or too tight.
When they were changed out they squeeled a little and it finally disappeared.

Hopefully thats all you need to work on.

I was embarrassed though, my belts were the originals!!! almost 10yrs old!!!
I bought it second hand and hope the timing belt was changed its at 125,000 now.

its only worth about $1200 so any major repairs and its over.
Old 11-18-2011, 06:42 PM
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my other post didnt take...

the power steering is not going to ruin the car. If it were to fail completely you can still drive it in manual steering like people did for many years before the luxury of power steering became the norm.

You'll be able to drive it home, in other words. Put in a PS pump etc..

for the gas mileage, I found a $2 vacuum tube was leaking on my intake that ruined my gas per old trick, is park the car, have the hood open running....safely squirt carberator cleaner spray around the engine and see if the engine starts choking....this will find most any vacuum leaks.
if so, like mine was found up on the intake. Autoshop gave me $2 hose to replace the little 2 inches of hose that had developed a hole....

gas mileage and performance back to normal.

the reason this happens someone told me is the gas is ratioed to the air intake, with a leak of air in the vacuum system the gas is dumped into the motor to keep the balance...hence the horrible gas mileage.

hopefully yours is the same issue, easy and cheap to fix

good luck
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Hi SG.
You can tighten the power steering belt until you are blue in the face and it won't stop the screaming. You need to tighten your alternator belt. The alternator belt drives the pulley that drives the power steering belt, and since the alternator belt does not make very good contact with that particular pulley it must be kept tight. This will also take care of your low lights and battery light coming on. Once the alternator belt is tight (or maybe you need a new one) all of these troubles will go away. The power steering pump is fine. I went down that same road and wasted my money on a power steering pump before I figured out what was going on. Good luck with your Elantra.
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Thumbs up power steering belt noise fixed

OMG! There is something wrong with after market belt sizes!! I had my timing belt replaced and the regular belts changed and then the power steering belt keep squealing esp in the am when cold(wintertime and when turning the wheel lock to lock anytime). The mechanic tried to tighten but did not notice that the adjustment was at it's max. I did. I went to hyundai and got the orig belt and I just finished having them replace it. I had then give me back the old belt and sure enough it was too damn big!! It was the right belt in their computer system but the wrong one for the car! sooo simple but it took some time to get to the bottom of it. The new belt has lots of adj room left as it should and the problem is solved. 2009 accent

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Tightened the alternator belt up too and it works! No more squeal! Thanks
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Mine had the same problem. I read a lot about it and here what you should do. The noise is like slipping belt and the steering is hard at low RPM when cold. Sometimes the power steering pulley stop turning. HERE WHAT I HAVE DONE
FIRST: change the oïl. remove the reservoir, clean it, spray varsol and wash it as much as I can to clean the filter Inside the reservoir RESULT, no change i do it again, as the oïl is not clean the first time.
SECOND I replace belts. I tight the belt, remember the alternator belt drive the power steering belt, so tight both belt. yes yes the alternator pulleey drive the power steering pump yes yes
THIRD if still noise then you need to check the releif valve Inside the pump. Under the high pressure hose, there is a fitting. Remove the high pressurre hose at the pump. Remove the fitting. Under the fitting there is a plunger followed by a spring. Just pull out the plunger and sand outside diameter of the plunger with a sand paper 120 grid. Also at the fitting, there is a hole where the plunger goes in. This hole size control the flow. Drill this hole one size larger. Reassemble everythig
I does that to my car and it run like it never been. Make sure you do not lost the O ring under the low pressure hose fitting at the pump. You might have to remode the low pressure hose at the pump to have acces to this fitting. THIS SOLVE MY PROBLEM
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Default Finally got this fixed!

The car had been squealing at startup, especially on cold/wet days, for over 2 years now. The steering wheel was difficult to turn during these squeals. Also, turning the steering wheel to either extreme would cause the squealing to start.
I tried tightening the power steering belt. Nothing. Power steering fluid OK. Pump seemed OK.

Read posts about tightening the main belt which goes around the alternator. Tried this out. FIXED. :-)

Thanks for the help everyone!
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