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2005 Sonata 2.4l dies semi-randomly.

Old 12-09-2018, 04:05 PM
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If everything weren't illegal (without a government permit) in California? I'd start offering Timing Belt jobs locally!

Believe you me.. I can do this entire job in about four hours now. Barely any of the wrong size tools pulled. Pully alignment well established. Wood Cam block has a nice groove for holding alignment...

Practice makes speed! LOL

Car is up, wheel is off.. Shop is warming up... here we go!
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The new sensor is in, under warranty. In just over two hours this time.

I'm showered and heading out to throw 100 miles on her, see what happens.

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My car randomly dies while I'm doing Uber/Lyft.

This all started when my Crankshaft position sensor went bad. On 9/20/18, on the side of I-80, near Fairfield California.

Since then I have replaced or repaired:

1. Fuel pump (as it seemed to die at higher and higher fuel levels). It didn't help.

2. Throttle position sensor (can cause cut out, and was a bit "gritty"). Still no help.

3. Cleaned all Negative ground contacts under the hood (Suggested by forum users). Still no help. Still dying randomly.

However I realized the A/C seemed to reduce the issue. Cold feet = keep going.

4. New Fuel pump relay (as relays can fail, and this one had no bad solder joints). Still dies,.. but not for over a week after this relay.

5. Located and re-soldered what I thought was the ECU (engine computer). This fixed the cigarette lighter, and the dome light. But NOT the engine cutting out.

Those fixes indicate that I fixed the body computer. Not the Engine Control Unit or ECU.

6. Cleaned every single fuse and relay contact (aluminum pins, with steel connectors). This made the A/C start upping my idle, as well as smoothing out my 70+ mph highway ride! ???). However STILL the car dies randomly!

Still the forum people are telling me it's likely a ground wire issue. To clean up the interior ground connector.

But I can't even find it. Hours under the dash. Black wires into a thick bundle everywhere...

7. Then I located the ECU! So I pulled it out, and completely re-soldered that board.

The same day, on another forum. A guy posted a picture of the ground inside the center console.

8. So I removed the console, and cleaned up THAT ground contact.

9. As posted above,.. I replaced the Crankshaft position sensor AGAIN! Drove 260 miles.

It just died with a passenger in my car again!

Honestly! I don't know where to go from here. This car is a beautiful piece of ****.. all over a single issue!! Total f-ing garbage!!!
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The only clues.. The only maybe outside of what I've already done..

When the Automatic transmission is cold. The car vibrates at stop lights. This issue fades out as the transmission warms up.

The car never dies when the vibration is low.

I also can't remember it ever dying with a full tank.

Old 12-11-2018, 02:21 PM
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I don't know if this is the problem , but something to consider.
If,,,, for instance,,,,, the fuel pump is taking fuel out of the tank, air must be allowed to replace that fuel. If that air cannot get into the tank, eventually the engine will starve for fuel and die. What you can try the next time this happens is remove the fuel tank cap and see if you get a gushing sound of air rushing back in. If that is the case the vent valve could have a plugged opening (filter) that is supposed to allow air to go back into the system to replace the withdrawn fuel.
If this solves your problem , it'll make at least 2 people happy.
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I've never heard any vapor lock on this car. As a Lyft/Uber driver, I buy a lot of gas too.

This seems to only happen when my fuel level gets near, or below a 1/2 tank. Above that, everything seems to be fine.

I found a thread online where a guy had a fuel pressure sensor inside the tank go bad, causing his car to die. Might that be my issue?

The pump is already new.
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Full tank,.. Drove 75 miles, until 3/4ths of a tank. Then the Engine died 3 times on one single Lyft trip.

I recorded the incident over the following few blocks. However I can't seem to post pictures here. I'll try now though.

I think a microchip on my ECU overheats, and shuts down the fuel pump.

Still no codes!
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